Programme Overview BBA

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Government College Kullu (H.P.)

Bachelor of Business Administration

(Effective from the Academic Year 2010)

Name of Department : BBA (Business Administration)

Year of Establishment : 1967

Name of Programmes/Courses : BBA (Business Administration)

No. of Teaching Posts Sanctioned : 00

No. of Teaching Posts Filled : 00

No. of Self Finance Teaching Posts : 05

No. of Self Finance Teaching Posts Filled : 05


Sr. No.NameQualificationDesignationExperience
1Mr. Vikrant GauravB.J.M.C., M.Sc. in Zoology, M.B.A., M.Phill.Assistant Professor10 Years
2Mr. Anubhav KaisthaM.B.A., NETAssistant Professor7 Years
3Mr. Dheeraj ChauhanM.B.A.Assistant Professor5 Years
4Mrs. Pranjaya PermeshwariB.B.A., M.B.A., L.L.B.Assistant Professor3 Years
5Mrs. Savina GargiM.B.A.Assistant Professor3 Years

Program Objectives of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

  1. To provide knowledge regarding the basic concepts, principles and functions of management.
  2. To develop business and entrepreneurial aptitude among the students.
  3. To provide knowledge and requisite skills in different areas of management like human resource, finance, operations and marketing to give a holistic understanding of a business system.
  4. To equip the students with knowledge related to qualitative and quantitative techniques for critical thinking and problem solving.
  5. To develop IT skills in the areas of information search, word processing, office management software and presentation software needed to excel in business.
  6. To provide practical industrial exposure to the students to hone their managerial competencies and business acumen while attaining a holistic understanding of a business/industry.
  7. To prepare the students to deliver effective oral business presentations using a variety of appropriate technologies and achieve excellence in written communications.
  8. To inculcate global view of the industrial and organizational establishments and their functions for taking viable decisions in international business setting.

Program Outcomes (PO’s) of Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

  1. Critical Thinking Skills : Students are able to define, analyze and devise solutions for structured and unstructured business problems and issues cohesive and logical reasoning patterns for evaluating information, materials and data.
  2. Communication Skills : Students are able to conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation.
  3. Technology Skills : Students are competent in the use of technology in modern organizational operations.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation : Students can demonstrate the fundamentals of creating and managing innovation, new business development and high-growth potential entities.
  5. Business Knowledge : Students can demonstrate technical competence in domestic and global business through the study of major disciplines within the fields of business.
  6. Ethics : Apply ethical principles and commit to professional, ethical responsibilities and norms of the Management practice.
  7. Environment and Sustainability : Students can understand the impact of the professional solutions in societal and environmental context and demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
  8. Individual and Team Work : Students can function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary setting.
  9. Project Management and Finance : Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  10. Life-Long Learning : Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.