Programme Overview J&MC

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Govt. College, Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Name of Department: Journalism & Mass Communication

Year of Establishment: 2009

Name of Programs/ Courses: UG

No. of Teaching post sanctioned: 1

No. of Teaching post filled: 1


1.Dr. A.K. Yadav Ph.D.Assistant Professor11+ Years

Course Structure: B.A. with Journalism and Mass Communication

(UG Yearly Programme w.e.f. 2018)

YearCourse TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit
IstDSCB JMC PA C 1 01Principles of Communication6
DSCB JMC PA C 1 02Introduction to Radio and TV6
IIndDSCB JMC PA C 2 01Introduction to Advertising and PR6
DSCB JMC PA C 2 02New Media Communication6
SECB JMC PA S 2 03 PReporting, Editing and Feature Writing4
SECB JMC PA S 2 04 PSkills for New Media4
IIIrdDSEB JMC PA D 3 01Community and Traditional Media4
DSEB JMC PA D 3 02Introduction to Photojournalism4
SECB JMC PA S 3 03 PCommunication Skills4
SECB JMC PA S 3 04Film Appreciation Skills4

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Govt. College, Kullu

Programme Objectives:-

  • To impart the knowledge about the basic concepts of J&MC and to exchange the information to the large segment of society through mass media.
  • To impart the basic knowledge in the fields related to media studies.
  • To aware about various core techniques and technologies in media industry such as camera, film technologies etc.
  • To inculcate professional ethics and values.
  • To produce competent and efficient media professionals.
  • To impart Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), skills including communication and life skills.
  • To prepare socially responsible, practical and aware media professionals.

Program Outcome:

PO1. Shall acquire fundamental knowledge of Journalism & Mass Communication and related study areas.

PO2. Shall acquire the knowledge related to new media and its impact on society.

PO3. Shall be competent to undertake professional job as per demand in media industry.

PO4. Shall become socially responsible citizen with global vision and media related values.

Course Outcome

Course TitleCourse Outcomes
Principles of CommunicationTo understand the communication, its process and role of communication in socialization. To create awareness on communication models and theories and its relevance in society.
Introduction to Radio and TVTo acquaint the students with the working of two powerful electronic media i.e. radio and television. To help the students to understand the programme format of radio and television
Introduction to Advertising and Public RelationTo prepare students for effective and ethical public communication on behalf of organization. To create awareness on history and development of advertisement and public relation. To Help students to acquire basic skills about practical aspect of advertisement, media relations and crises management. To understand the creation of an advertisement and structure of advertising agency.
New Media CommunicationTo understand the concept of new media and media convergence and its effect. To develop skills to handle new media communication. To equip the students with basic knowledge of use of technology in media industry and to train them to use the new media as a source of news.
Reporting, Editing and Feature WritingTo enable students to become a responsible reporter and to make them understand basic ethics of news, news writing and editing. To trained them to acquire the skills of news gathering with traditional as well as modern tools. To make them understand the basic structure and essential knowledge for various beats. To understand the differences between reporting and feature writing.
Skills for New MediaTo get exposure to write blogs. To equip the student with basic knowledge of new media. To understand online journalism and its importance in present days.
Community and Traditional MediaTo impart knowledge of the community and traditional media. To give exposure for alternative media and to highlight the need and relevance of traditional media in present scenario.
Introduction to PhotojournalismTo help the students to understand the principles of photojournalism and practices of photography. To introduce students to the basic steps in photojournalism. To impart the knowledge about the qualities and responsibilities of photojournalist. To enable students to enjoy photography as an art and science.
Communication SkillsTo make the students aware about various communication skills.
Film Appreciation SkillsTo create awareness on cinema and cinematography. To help the students to acquire basic skills in the practical aspect of film industry.